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Silk Eye Mask Silk Eye Mask Sleeping Eye Mask Eye Mask

Silk Eye Mask Silk Eye Mask Sleeping Eye Mask Eye Mask

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1. Double-sided mulberry silk
Both the front and back of the mask are mulberry silk,
Double layer silk is soft and smooth, skin-friendly and comfortable
2. Comfortable inner layer
Using soft imitation silk, healthy and environmentally friendly
Skin-friendly and silky smooth
3. Convenient adjustment
Unique Japanese word button design, free
Convenient adjustment of elasticity and elastic band
Great flexibility and long service life
4. Relax and comfortable
The unique softness of silk, for the eyes and
The skin has a very good protective effect,
Easy and comfortable to wear

Washing instructions:

1 Avoid washing with other dark textiles to avoid dyeing.
2. Choose neutral detergent, soaking time should not exceed 30 minutes
3. Please choose gentle washing in the washing machine program, avoid exposure to the sun, and choose shade dry
4. Wash and iron before storage, it is best to fold it up to avoid damp and mildew

Product information:
Material: Mulberry Silk
Product Category: Silk Eye Mask
Specifications: black, pink, champagne, navy blue, light purple, silver gray, royal blue, wine red, blue and white porcelain, violet, dark gray, peacock blue, small broken flowers, coffee, apricot, lotus powder, Huizhilanxin , Gray blue
Gross weight: about 30g
Size: 20.5*10.5cm

Silk eye mask x1

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